King Kong 1933: Sympathy for a Giant Ape

King Kong has been remade and reimagined many times throughout the decades. It had a sequel made in the same year with Kong’s child, it was remade in 1976 and 2005, King Kong and Godzilla fought each other in 1962 and in 2021, and there was a pseudo sequel in 2017 that took place duringContinue reading “King Kong 1933: Sympathy for a Giant Ape”

2021 Oscar Nominees: Ranked and Reviewed

I did it! I got through all the best picture Oscar nominations. I know no one else is bragging about this, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something. After not being able to go to a movie theater in over a year, it honestly felt good that I set a goal for myself to findContinue reading “2021 Oscar Nominees: Ranked and Reviewed”

Mildred Pierce, Motherhood, and Melodrama

The term melodrama is often seen as a bad term when it comes to storytelling. Melodrama’s have often been associated with dramatic stories with exaggerated characters that deal in emotion rather than logic. A bad melodrama is when a film is so over-exaggerated that it has unrealistic characters and situations that no one can takeContinue reading “Mildred Pierce, Motherhood, and Melodrama”

Jessica Walter Saves Play Misty for Me

I haven’t seen Play Misty for Me in many, many years. And I forgot a lot of it, so it was like a new experience watching it. I decided to rewatch the film for several reasons. The first is because recently Jessica Walter passed away and I wanted to watch one of her movies. TheContinue reading “Jessica Walter Saves Play Misty for Me”

Promising Young Woman: Twisting the Revenge Story

So because I’m a creature of habit, I’ve been slowly working my way through all the Oscar nominees for best picture. So far the only ones I have not seen are The Father and Minari, but I am going to get to them (eventually). But a movie that surprised me with its nomination was PromisingContinue reading “Promising Young Woman: Twisting the Revenge Story”

Discovering Laurel and Hardy through Sons of the Desert

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were a comedy team from the late 1920s to the early 1940s. During their run they made dozens of films and were one of the most popular comic duos of early Hollywood. Their brand of comedy had its own unique style that separated them from other comedians at the time.Continue reading “Discovering Laurel and Hardy through Sons of the Desert”

Every Best Picture Winner from Best to Worst

So the Oscar nominations for 2021 came out and, thanks to the pandemic, I’ve only seen about four of them. But I’ve been slowly trying to watch every nominee, or at least the best picture nominees. Despite me believing that the Academy Awards don’t matter and are used to sell a film more than itContinue reading “Every Best Picture Winner from Best to Worst”

Ran: Akira Kurosawa’s Last Masterpiece

Akira Kurosawa is rapidly becoming one of my favorite directors. Almost every movie of his that I’ve seen is fantastic, with a few exceptions since there’s no director with a perfect filmography. But when your filmography does have Seven Samurai (1954), Ikiru (1952), Throne of Blood (1957), High and Low (1963), and The Bad Sleep Well (1960), you might as well have an almost perfectContinue reading “Ran: Akira Kurosawa’s Last Masterpiece”

Fail Safe: The Intense Version of Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) is a classic comedy about nuclear war and the incompetency of the government. Trust me when I say it’s a lot funnier than it sounds and most people consider it a classic for it. But if you’re wondering what Dr. StrangeloveContinue reading “Fail Safe: The Intense Version of Dr. Strangelove”

Does Casablanca Still Hold Up?

Casablanca is considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews over the years, is considered to be a historically important part of film history, received several Academy Awards including best picture, and is seen as the greatest romance movie ever made. So why do I think it’sContinue reading “Does Casablanca Still Hold Up?”