Revisiting Beauty and the Beast (1991)

I have not been happy with the state of The Walt Disney Company as of late. Specifically when it comes to their films. With all the remakes of older animated films, Star Wars failures, and Marvel films that no one will be interested in now that all the characters people did care about are gone,Continue reading “Revisiting Beauty and the Beast (1991)”

Is Born Yesterday a “Dramedy”?

In film there are many different types of genres. Comedy, drama, horror, romance, action, and many more that can become the base for just one movie. However, many films combine different genres in order to tell a more complex story. One genre combination that is particularly hard to pull off is the comedy/drama, or “dramedy”.Continue reading “Is Born Yesterday a “Dramedy”?”

The Grand Illusion is ALMOST Great

The Grand Illusion, or La Grande Illusion if you want to be pedantic about the title, is considered to be one of the greatest films ever made. It has extremely high ratings, it practically invented the subgenre of prison break movies, and was the first movie to be put on the Criterion Collection. To mostContinue reading “The Grand Illusion is ALMOST Great”

Some Like It Hot: Simple Yet Funny

Sometimes the simplest ideas result in the best stories. I’ve always believed that not every movie needs to have a big story with big moments. Some films are better with a little story that goes a long way. This is certainly true with most comedies as the less story there is, the better the comedyContinue reading “Some Like It Hot: Simple Yet Funny”

Shallow Grave: What Money Does to Already Awful People

Danny Boyle’s first major movie Shallow Grave asks the question what would happen if you gave already terrible people a suitcase full of money? Now that seems like a simple and pretty bare bones story that doesn’t need further examination. But honestly, I think there’s a lot going on with this 93 minute, low budgetContinue reading “Shallow Grave: What Money Does to Already Awful People”

The Last Detail: A Naval Road Trip

The 1970s in filmmaking was a very different time. I just don’t mean in how they look, but in more how they feel. Movies from this era were slower paced, the story structure was a little more off, and many of them end the way they start. The ’70s was an experimental time that letContinue reading “The Last Detail: A Naval Road Trip”

The Artist: A Silent Film in the 21st Century

The Artist is essentially a French directors love letter to silent cinema. Director Michel Hazanavicius made this film as a passion project. Many French filmmakers were greatly inspired by early Hollywood cinema and he wanted to recreate a silent film for a 21st century audience. His cast and crew were mostly French and he hadContinue reading “The Artist: A Silent Film in the 21st Century”

Why I Love the “Freaks” in Freaks (1932)

When Dracula and Frankenstein came out in 1931, they were huge successes for Universal Studios. MGM Studios, a rival production company, saw that success and wanted to capitalize on it. So, they decided to make their own horror film. This resulted in them making Freaks, and it was a huge bomb critically and commercially. AudiencesContinue reading “Why I Love the “Freaks” in Freaks (1932)”

The Phantom of the Opera (1925): The First Monster Movie

When talking about The Phantom of the Opera, most people know about the musical version from 1986. The original story comes from Gaston Leroux back in 1911, and since then there have been several movie versions. However, the first known filmed version of this story comes from the 1925 Universal Pictures film. And with itContinue reading “The Phantom of the Opera (1925): The First Monster Movie”

The Towering Inferno: A ’70s Disaster Film at its Finest

In the 1970s people were obsessed with a subgenre of film known as disaster films. These were big budget movies dealing in natural or man-made disasters that were filled with A-list actors. Movies like Airport (1970), The Poseidon Adventure (1972), Earthquake (1974), The Swarm (1978), and a ton of others like this made a lotContinue reading “The Towering Inferno: A ’70s Disaster Film at its Finest”